Road Occupancy Permit Application

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A Road Occupancy Permit is required for work within any portion of the public right-of- way (the road, boulevard, shoulders and sidewalk), whether the work requires a closure or lane restrictions or not. The Works Department is responsible for issuing permits for any work done on Regional roads. Please go to the following URL to get a listing of Region Roads:
Work that impacts a sidewalk or multi-use path may also require a permit from the local municipality. There is no fee for a Regional Road Occupancy Permit.

Examples of work that requires a Road Occupancy Permit includes:
• excavation of the boulevard for utility installation or maintenance
• any work that involves crossing the boulevard, such as landscaping or installing pools
• road widening projects
• installation of storm sewers, sanitary sewers and watermains for site development
• geotechnical investigations and monitoring
• crane setup (including arc swing over the Region’s right-of-way)
• placement of disposal bins
• entrance construction or removal

During road occupancy, Regional staff performs regular inspections of the work to ensure:
• efficient traffic flow on the road during the work
• safety is maintained on the roads, boulevards and sidewalks
• the right-of-way is kept clean and free of construction materials and equipment
• applicants comply with Regional standards, permit conditions and approved locations
• applicants restore the right-of-way to its original state within a reasonable time
• all work is documented for future use

Application Timeline:
Applications should be submitted a minimum of five (5) business days prior to the requested occupancy date.

Locates Requirement:
Applicant shall have received all locates prior to applying for a Road Occupancy Permit.


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Road Occupancy Permit Details


Please use the map OR the text area to enter the location: Map (preferred method): • Zoom in to the map using the +/- or zoom scrollbar located to the left of the map • Right click on the map to add a marker • Routes may be created using multiple markers • Markers may be moved by holding down the left mouse button on the marker and dragging it to the new location. Text Area (located below the map): • Enter intersections in the format: Main Rd. and Cross Rd. • Enter road segments in the format: Main Rd. from Cross Rd. to Cross Rd. • For locations in front of a specific address, zoom in to the map until the property address is visible and enter the marker in the appropriate location.

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