Oversize/Overweight Load Permit Application

Please read carefully:

This permit is required for commercial vehicles to carry a load larger or heavier than the maximum limits established in the Highway Traffic Act. Approval is only given for roads under the jurisdiction of Durham Region; depending on the route, permits may also be required from the Ministry of Transportation and the local municipalities. For a more detailed list of requirements and conditions, please refer to the MTO “Guide to Oversize/Overweight Vehicles and Loads in Ontario”, which can be found here:

Oversize Loads
Oversize loads are:
• Wider than 2.6 m
• Higher than 4.15 m
• Longer than 23 m

Oversize loads may need an escort as a condition of the permit. The permit holder is responsible for organizing and paying for the escort. An oversize load needs:

A private escort (1 or 2) if it is:
• Between 36.76 m and 45.75 m long
• Between 4.00m and 4.99 m wide
• Higher than 4.6 m – also requires consultation and route confirmation with Durham Region Traffic Signal Operations

A police escort if it is:
• Longer than 45.75 m
• Wider than 5.00 m

For a police escort contact the Durham Regional Police Service Pay Duty Clerk:
Phone: 905-579-1520 ext. 4352
E-Mail: payduty@drps.ca

Overweight Loads
A weight distribution diagram must be submitted with the application if the weight is greater than the allowable weights indicated in the Highway Traffic Act.

You will need to provide the following information and documents:

Description of Route
Identify the specific roads that are being travelled on the application form as well as the origin and destination points.

Load Restricted Roads
Vehicle weight is limited to five tonnes per axle on some sections of Durham Region roads. This may apply only during the typical March-April load restriction season, or all year. Check the list of roads with weight restrictions. A load exemption letter is required for the use of the restricted roads on the list.

Application Timeline
Applications should be submitted a minimum of ten (10) business days prior to the anticipated transport date.

Time Restrictions
Due to size, some loads will have time restrictions attached to a avoid interfering with peak traffic times. These restrictions will be indicated on your permit.

Insurance Coverage
A valid certificate of insurance is needed for the duration of the time the permitted activity is taking place on the road allowance. All certificates must be completed by the insurance broker or insurer on the Region’s form.
All Applicants coverage must include:
• $5 million limit Commercial General Liability (CGL)
• $2 million Non-Owned Automobile Liability
• $5 million Automobile Liability for vehicles registered to the organization

The following fees apply:
• Annual permit - $150 per year
• Single trip permit - $100 per trip
• Project permit (multiple loads along the same route) - $200
Payment options include VISA, MasterCard or certified cheque made payable to The Regional Municipality of Durham. Region staff will contact you by telephone to confirm credit card details

Security Deposit
Some permits will require a security deposit. The amount of the security deposit depends on which roads are being used. It must be enough to cover the cost of repairing or replacing the road. The minimum security deposit is $1,000.
Payment options include VISA, MasterCard or certified cheque made payable to The Regional Municipality of Durham. Region staff will contact you by telephone to confirm credit card details
Highway Traffic Act

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Oversize/Overweight Load Permit Details

A permit only allows Oversize/Overweight Loads on roads that are under Regional jurisdiction. The carrier is to contact the appropriate municipality(ies) or the Ministry of Transportation for permission to use non-regional roads


Please use the map OR the text area to enter the location: Map (preferred method): • Zoom in to the map using the +/- or zoom scrollbar located to the left of the map • Right click on the map to add a marker • Routes may be created using multiple markers • Markers may be moved by holding down the left mouse button on the marker and dragging it to the new location. Text Area (located below the map): • Enter intersections in the format: Main Rd. and Cross Rd. • Enter road segments in the format: Main Rd. from Cross Rd. to Cross Rd. • For locations in front of a specific address, zoom in to the map until the property address is visible and enter the marker in the appropriate location.

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