Banner Permit Application

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A Banner Permit is required to install a banner spanning over a Regional road.

Applicant Details

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Banner Permit Details

Date Instructions

Start Date is the installation date. End date is the removal date.

Liability and Insurance

The undersigned Organization or Agency shall assume all liability for any and all incidents that may arise during installation and removal of the banner, or any incidents that arise from the falling of the banner once it has been installed by the contractor. The undersigned Organization or Agency shall indemnify and save harmless the Region from any actions, claims, suits, or demands made against the Region by any person or persons arising from the installation, removal, and the duration the banner is in place, whether directly or indirectly, out of the issuance of this permit. The undersigned Organization or Agency shall provide the Region with a Certificate of Insurance on the Region's form (available for download below) prior to the installation of the banner; and, shall maintain liability insurance in the amount of at least $5 million for the installation, removal, and duration of the application; and, shall name the Regional Municipality of Durham as additional insured on the Certificate of Insurance. All certificates must be completed by the insurance broker or insurer on the Region’s form.


Please use the map OR the text area to enter the location: Map (preferred method): • Zoom in to the map using the +/- or zoom scrollbar located to the left of the map • Right click on the map to add a marker • Routes may be created using multiple markers • Markers may be moved by holding down the left mouse button on the marker and dragging it to the new location. Text Area (located below the map): • Enter intersections in the format: Main Rd. and Cross Rd. • Enter road segments in the format: Main Rd. from Cross Rd. to Cross Rd. • For locations in front of a specific address, zoom in to the map until the property address is visible and enter the marker in the appropriate location.

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